domingo, 28 de maio de 2017

narrow nights

I love the way he fucks me. How he whispers in my ear that he loves my face. My skin looking so smooth under television light. That soft neon that dazzles. I love the way he makes me cum. With his fingers inside of me and his tongue chasing around the tip of my sensibilities. I love the way I feel him cumming inside of me, how he teaches me what my legs say.

There are nights I could go on and on. Fucking him endlessly. There are nights that seem like the morning will never come. I moan and moan because of the way he touches me in all the right places. And my smile only tells him how I want it more. And when he gives it to me... I swear I could die from pleasure. 

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  1. É tão bom ver-te dar sinais de vida por cá... seja em que língua for...